Leo - May 2020


Hi Leo!  April is a month for forming and strengthening friendship bonds, as Venus spends the days after the 4th prettying up your friendship sector!  Venus is a gentle and sociable creature, and with her influence your attempts to make new friends are highly likely to be successful, as others are attracted to your charm and charisma.  Your mediation skills are also set to be enhanced at this time, as you find a way to express even the hardest of truths in the nicest way, hence you may find you are called upon to intervene in friendships where communication has gone badly wrong.  Venus and Saturn form a sensible trine between the 4th and 12th, a wonderful connection for serious discussions with a friend who needs good, sound, practical advice.  Venus/Saturn aspects can lead to struggles with feelings of isolation, so don’t be surprised if you briefly feel a little lonely or left out of your social group during these days.

If you are considering getting away for the Easter break, the Sun meandering through your travel zone for the first three weeks of the month will help you to make a decision.  Your desire for time away from your everyday piece of sky is likely to be super powerful now, and if you can’t escape humdrum, it might be an idea to at least inject it with some exciting moments such as a change of scene or a trip to somewhere new.  Enrolling on an interesting and thought-provoking course of study will also benefit you immensely, although you might struggle to get your point across as eloquently as you would like when Mercury squares the Moon’s nodes from here between the 12th and 18th. Issues around mental clarity could plague you at this point, and unsettling disputes around intellectual differences of opinion will create tension.

April’s first lunar event is the full Moon on the 8th in your house of communication, and this period signifies a need for mental rest and relaxation after what will probably be a busy start to the month, with lots of facts, opinions and correspondence heading your way.  Information could come to light in a tricky personal situation regarding a family member or friend, which will provide the missing piece to the puzzle and allow you to finally see what has to be done to resolve the issue.  The lunar cycle begins afresh on the 23rd as we see a new Moon shine in your career zone; this new Moon energy will be electrified by impulsive Uranus, and unexpected career opportunities are likely to arise now from the most unusual of sources.  Clashes with Saturn will also enhance responsibilities to colleagues, customers and business partners, which might make you feel a little stifled, and in need of some freedom to think out your next move.

Jupiter and the Sun form a rather abrasive aspect between the 8th and 19th which is likely to affect working life, as overconfidence and excessive optimism cause problems around making practical, realistic choices.  This confidence can lead to a disregard for policies and regulations and a tendency to cut corners, as certainty that you are in the right conveys a sense that somehow the rules don’t apply to you!  Moderation and humility are key here if you are to avoid making unwise decisions.  Healthwise this might also be an overindulgent period, which is more likely to lead to issues with your weight, blood sugar or stomach.  Jupiter’s persistent conjunction with Pluto, which continues here until December, is more fortunate, enabling some deep healing and regeneration from long-term illness.  Enjoy your month!


2019-10-19 11:09:02

Wow, wow, wow.  I called to the universe from the depths of my soul and was guided to Ralph at Whispering Spirits. No words can describe the profound resonance I felt and continue to feel from this life changing reading.

Trust your instinct, trust in divine timing and open to receive the healing waves of guidance and wisdom that Ralph can offer. I highly recommend Ralphs readings to all seekers of the truth. Blessed Be! M.

2019-08-20 14:07:43

The reading provided me with clarification on current events in my life but made specific predictions about things moving forward. This guidance is exactly what I was looking for and has given me hope for what is to come in the near future. The reading was profoundly accurate about some of my previous experiences and very thorough which I really appreciated it. They allowed me to ask questions for further clarification so you're not left wondering what everything means. I found Whispering Spirits in a time that I feel I needed it most, Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with us - love and light to you all! Y. R.

Y. R
2017-03-24 19:01:37
Thank you for your reading- it was uncannily accurate in many ways that you could never have deduced as it is a far from ordinary situation I am in. I have suffered all of the things you mentioned & in the way you mentioned them. I am now hoping the positive things highlighted in you readings, will come my way! Thank you!
2017-03-24 19:01:08
Just wanted to thank you for the brilliant reading - very nice, accurate and encouraging! The reading was amazing!
2017-03-24 19:00:39
Hey there! I just wanted to say that Whispering Spirits is fantastic! The readings that I receive by text are very accurate. They give me hope and restore my faith! That might sound cheesy but its true. If you havent contacted them, then you should! You have nothing to loose. lotsa love, light and hugs Jane xXx
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