The Gift

Love light trails

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The Gift

Are we all born with a psychic ability? Many believe we are.  I of course can can only
speak of my own beliefs and personally I believe that we are all born with a psychic ability.
Some people go on to develop that ability and others dont. Some are forced not to.

As young children our minds are open and not trained by society, however as we grow up
we are moulded into our own lives by our parents our families and the society we grow up in. If you are told often enough that something isn't real, or it's in our imagination then eventually more often than not, we start to believe it.

Ive often had people say to me, 'what was it like growing up with a gift?' The truth is it was hard at times very hard. To begin with I thought everyone was the same as me - I think i was around 7 or 8 when I realised I was different and although my mother was very gifted my father was a total non-believer, so I learnt at an early age to hide and surpress my gift it was easier that way.

I often get told by clients that they feel that one or maybe all of their children are gifted and they dont know how to deal with it and ask how best to approach it. My advice to any one who thinks that they have a gifted child is let it grow naturally - dont try to supress it but
at the same time dont overly enourage it - it's something that is personal to each individual and it  should develop on its own, at it's own pace. I always advise parents to educate themselves as much as they can, so that if the child has any questions they want to ask, they can be discussed between parent and child calmly, so that the child feels comfortable.  Like everything in life we all progress at different rates and some are better at some things than others- that is life - the same applies with psychic abilities.

I often get asked, 'how did you know what to do with your gift?' For many years I didn't, but it comes with experience and knowledge and listening to your inner voice. Every living thing has an energy including us humans so its important that we get to know our own energy.  Modern day life is often so hectic that we forget to listen to what our own bodies are telling us. Next time you have 10 minutes to yourself, take some time out, for you. Find a quiet space and meditate. Reconnect with who you really are.

Love light and peace,

Tracy x

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Tuesday, 07 July 2020
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