Solar Plexus - 3rd Chakra

Manipura chakra

Manipura chakra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • The 3rd Chakra is known as the Solar Plexus 
  • The Sanskrit name for the 3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus is "Manipura" meaning "City of Jewels" 
  • The 3rd Chakra is found around the Navel area 
  • The 3rd Chakra is associated with the element of Fire 
  • The Colours associated with the 3rd Chakra are Yellow and Gold
  • The Upper Abdomen, Digestive System, Eyes, Feet, Pancreas, Gallbladder, Spleen, Stomach and Small Intestines are all associated with the 3rd Chakra  
  • Self Love is the Spiritual association with the 3rd Chakra 
  • The 3rd Chakra is the Centre of Energy, Achievement and Willpower
  • The Sense of Sight, Digestion and Movement are  all associated with the third Chakra
  • If the 3rd Chakra is out of balance it can cause a difficulty in concentrating and cause problems with decison making
  • Eating Disorders, Arthritis, Hepatitis and Stomach Ulcers are associated with the Solar Plexus being imbalanced 
  • The 3rd Chakra radiates Prana (Life Force) through-out the entire body 
  • A Healthy 3rd Chakra will help you achieve your Highest Potential
  • Many People "listen" to their 3rd Chakra it aids better decision making 
  • The 3rd Chakra is often used by Psychics and Mediums  
  • This Chakra is associated with the Aura or Psychic Energy Field  
  • Topaz, Amber and Citrine are stones commonly used for the 3rd Chakra
  • The Solar Plexus is the Centre of our our Emotions and Feelings
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