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On a day to day basis much of my work is looking at love and relationships issues.  Most of us at some point in our lives have experienced relationships problems and when it happens it leaves us feeling lost, confused insecure and vunerable.  I often get asked how do I make my relationship better?

Relationships are a 2 way thing it needs both parties to make it work and when 1 partner doesnt put the effort in a relationship suffers.  Good Communication is the key to a good relationship as are trust and honesty.

It can be very hard trying to juggle everything to keep relationships healthy, Often after a hard days work couples then have to deal with the children and housework and often forget about the importance of spending time together as a couple.  Often after a hard days work we just want to relax in front of the tv or spend time on hobbies or seeing friends and other family members.

Try to put aside at least one night a week for each other

Share a romantic meal together with candles to set the mood

Go to the movies

Pamper each other (massage is a great way of connecting with each other)

Surprise your partner by dressing up in the bedroom or role playing

If there are problems that need to be discussed take a walk on the beach together and talk its easier to open up if you feel relaxed instead of sitting round a table and things becoming heated, allow each other the time to talk without interupting each other -Listening skills are very important in keeping a healthy relationship

These are just some of the ways to spice up a relationship ,  Every relationship needs spiced up now and again and its easy to forget about the importance of working at relationships. A good relationship should stimulate your mind body and soul. Plan ahead and devote some time to your relationship and that special person in your life.

Love and Light


Tracy x

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Friday, 10 July 2020
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