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Chief Sitting Bull

Chief Sitting Bull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is believed that American Indians believe that long hair keeps people intuitive,that our hair serves as intuition antennas

Maria Orsic was a psychic that helped the construction of Nazi spacecrafts - psychics were often used in projects like this

Many people believe that cats have a very powerful psychic intuition

Astrologers believe people born under a water star sign are very intuitive and intouch with their feelings and those around them

Many people have psychic dreams (futuristic dreams) however often people dont realise and think that these dreams are just normal dreams if you dream of something in the future or something that really stays in your awakened mind write it down for future reference

During WW2 Psychics were used by the Americans, Russians and British

It is thought that Hitler had a fascination for Psychic intelligiance

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