Mercury makes a change

Mercury turns direct on the 4th of May as he completes one of his infamous retrograde spells. Everyone starts to panic when Mercury is retrograde, as all we think of are missing documents, meetings gone wrong, broken computers and communication meltdowns! It is true that we have to work harder to communicate at these times, and anyone with strong Gemini or Virgo in their natal chart will be particularly familiar with that feeling of being in a conversational bubble, as no-one seems to understand anything you're trying to say! But retrograde spells, not just for Mercury but for any planet, are also about taking some responsibility for our actions, and working out how we can do things better next time. Mercury rules all things administrative, so if paperwork suddenly seems confusing or elusive, it might be time to re-evaluate how we organise our workload and back up our data. Looking at how we express ourselves is also important during these retrograde periods. Are we really listening to what people are trying to tell us, or are we just waiting for our turn to speak?!Do we need to be more honest about what we really want to say, rather than talking just to fill up the silence? Delving more deeply into how we can make things better will help us get through those Mercury retrograde times a lot more easily, and in the process we might learn something important about ourselves!  

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Friday, 10 July 2020
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