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Joe Thomas and unidentified spirit

Joe Thomas and unidentified spirit (Photo credit: National Media Museum)

As a Medium I get asked alot of questions during readings , sometimes I have an answer to those questions but sometimes I dont - Somethings I feel are not ment for us to know. 

As I have stated many times I am a firm believer in that we all have Psychic Abilities so I believe anyone of us can contact a loved one through Mediumship,  yes you have to know what your doing and that only comes with experience and you have to make sure you have done your "grounding and Protecting" but I feel with persistance most people can achieve  some sort of communication , it may not be verbal, it could be a smell or a sign from your loved one that they are around you and watching over you.

Q: I often get asked "How soon after my loved one has passed can I communicate with them"?

A: Every Reader/Medium has there own beliefs and there is no hard and fast rule however I feel the best time to try and communicate with a loved one is "the first week" after passing and then I feel the spirit should be left to pass to the other side and recover. I have done Mediumship for clients whose loved ones has passed over a few months before and sometimes the energy is weak and drifts in and out  alot so I feel its always better for the spirit to be left for 12 months before trying to communicate with them so they can "Settle" and "Engergise"

Q: Why cant I feel my loved one around Me?  is another common question

A: As stated above sometimes a spirit needs time to recover so you may not feel your loved one around for a while until they strong enough- It takes a spirit  alot of energy to make contact with us on this side. However some spirits prefer to watch over their loved ones silently without drawing attention to themselves.

Q: How do I make contact on my own with a loved one that has passed?

A: Every Medium has their own way of working however I have found that just sitting in a quiet space and focusing your mind on your loved one - remember how they looked, how they smelt and ask your angels to help you communicate with your loved one - It may not happen immediately but by doing that regularly you will help the energy between you strengthen and you may soon find your loved one comes in around you or it could be that they then visit you in a dream as that is the easiest way for a spirit to communicate - its easier to communicate with us while sleeping as our minds are at rest . Our dreams are like "A middle ground" between our world and that of your loved one that has passed. The Subconsious mind is more open to communication from the otherside.

What ever your reason may be for wanting to contact a loved one that has passed its important to know that your loved one is around you even if you cannot see them or hear them .  They will try to guide you and comfort you in times of need.  It may be that you feel after many times of trying that you Still cant feel them around you so if you turn to a professional medium make sure you feel a connection with that reader - Check that they are a reputable Company or Individual, look at testimonials that they may have from previous clients. Mediumship is a huge responsability so its important you pick the right person for you and your needs.

Love and Light

Tracy x



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Friday, 10 July 2020
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