How my gift affects me


From a young age I was aware of my gift however it wasnt until I reached my teenage years that I really understood more about what my gift meant to me and the impact that it would have on my life.  When you see A Psychic or Medium or any gifted person on the television it's often misrepresented I feel. Yes of course it has advantages but there is also a downside.

What are the disadvantages? In my experience there quite a few and although they really annoy me, my friends think these disadvantages are hilarious!

There will always be doubters, people who are totally against your gifts, simply because they don't fit into their worldview/belief system. Often people with a psychic ability are classed as deluded or even mad.  Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and I respect that, but it's a shame some people aren't more open-minded!

 I have very bad problems with electricity and often every light in my house will fuse just by turning on a light. In fact it's not just lights. Ive been known to blow an entire fuse box leaving us in the dark for hours. I'm now on first name terms with the electrician he has visited us that often!

I also have problems with static electricity. Getting into my car can be challenging or trying to go round a supermarket with a trolley - wow you can get some shock off them. 

Phonelines and internet connections don't like me at all, often they shut down on me.  If I phone an office for whatever reason I will be told "Oh I'm sorry my computer has just crashed"!
I've even been asked to leave an intensive care unit I was visiting as i was causing the nurse to get static shocks every time the poor woman touched the bed. Very politely but forcefully she asked me to leave in case I started interfering with the machines!

And airports? I hate them!

They have always been a nightmare! Every single time i visit one, I set the alarms off! It's got to the point now that I look guilty even before the alarms sound! Very embarassing!

I have a close friend and every time I visit her the first thing she will say to me is
"Dont touch anything electrical"! Poor woman, so far I've managed to blow up her hoover, her kettle and her Dvd player! Thankfully she is a good friend and she is very understanding.

Paying for things with my cash card, Using an ATM or even a photo booth have all
proved difficult in the past as I generally have problems with them also.

I have never hidden my gift from my children and when they were young they used to say "Its ok don't panic its just my mum"!

Kids lol. Aren't they wonderful?

Some of the other disadvantages I have found are {-

1. People may feel that they can make contact with you at any time without prior arrangement or they may expect you to sort out their problems.
2. You can find that it takes over your life and you find it hard to shut off from other peoples' problems especially if its a sensitive case that requires a great deal of empathy.
3. I have found often for no reason I feel like something is about to happen and I cant switch off from it. It usually leaves me feeling ill and drained and at some point later I will find out that someone I'm close to has had a challenging life experience. Sometimes, it would be nice to not have that happen!

4. Being Psychic can leave you feeling very misundersood if others around you dont accept your  gift and make it difficult for you to live your life the way you feel you were born to live it.

5. Sometimes during readings you see or hear things that you wouldn't necessarily want to see or hear about people and it can be upsetting.
6. Not everyone can accept the truth of a situation so sometimes you are subjected to anger or denial over a situation.
7. One of the hardest parts is knowing what to say and what not to say. Sometimes, people aren't ready to hear the situation being described as you see it for them, which makes providing advice challenging.
I believe, a Psychic ability is for life and it is not a choice or a lifestyle. It should always be used for the good of others, and I strive to live by that when i perform readings.

Do you have similar stuff happen to you? We'd love to hear from you. Email us with your stories at

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Saturday, 11 July 2020
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