Guardian Angels

18th century rendition of a guardian angel.

18th century rendition of a guardian angel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Guardian Angel is given to us when we are born and stays with us throughout our lives, watching over us and trying to guide us in the right direction, to help us remain on the right path throughout life. Not everyone has felt their assigned angel around them and I often get asked how do you know they are there?  Many people report they have seen their assigned guardian angel in their dreams or if they have been in an accident or even if they are just feeling down, or alone. Our Guardian Angels are always with us and they can be called upon when needed but only call them when they are really needed.

"What if I dont know my Angels name", is another common question I often get asked. The answer to that I would say, is to ask your angel what their name is , your angel will hear you.

Find a quiet space and relax.

Light a Candle.

Close your eyes, clear your mind and think of the time of your birth, the place, the setting etc. Obviously you wont remember but go on the information that has been given to you by family members - try to imagine your birth.

Focus on your Birth date and the name given to you at birth.

Ask your angel "What is your name?"  The name that you hear may appear strange to you as often angels names are not common names and you may haver never heard the name you are given before - If it isnt clear to you ask your angel again to repeat the name to you.

Once you have the name you can call your angel in to you by name which is more personal but not necessary so dont worry if you dont have the name of your angel your angel will be with you regardless.

Always remember to thank your angel whenever you call upon them .

Love and Light

Tracy x

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