Grounding and Protecting

the tree with the white root

the tree with the white root (Photo credit: king jai)

Anyone following their spiritual Path should always make sure that they do their "Grounding and Protecting".

Being Grounded means you are attached to Mother Earth.

There are many methods taught for "Grounding"  and "Protecting" & you can find them in books or online or by a Holistic Therapist or Yoga Teacher. 

My favourite method of grounding is  "The Tree":- 

  • Visualize that you are a tree, 
  • Place your feet  flat on the ground(bare-footed if possible) rooting yourself to the Earth. 
  • Imagine your roots twisting deeper into the earth rooting you down.  
  • Reach your arms towards  the sky as if they are branches .
  • Embrace and breathe in the pure white light from the sky.
  • Focus on your breathing, allow the light to flow through your entire "tree".
  • Focus on the light spreading through your leaves, branches,trunk and roots , rooting you firmly into the ground.

This practice helps to strengthen your aura. Once you have done this turn your attention to "protecting". Again there are many ways people practise "protecting". This is how I often do it.

Visualise a pure white glittering light entering your Solar Plexus engulfing your whole body, cleansing and protecting at the same time. Let the white light spread through your whole body - this is the light of God. Allow it to surround you until you are in a bubble of pure white light. Many people feel tingling sensations or feelings of happiness or warmth & these are signs it's working. Everyone is different with what they experience when "Grounding and Protecting".  Protecting keeps you safe from negative energies that may attach to you. It will stop you taking on someone else's negativity which can make you feel down, tired and restless.

I often get asked "When do I need to ground myself?" 

Some people do their "Grounding and Protecting" first thing in the morning and last thing at night - others only do it when they feel a negative energy around them or they find themselves in a negative situation.  My advice would be to do it every day , morning and night. That way you are covered for what ever the day throws your way.

Love and Light

Tracy x



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