Cosmic Ordering to improve Finances

Vishnu stele - the Hindu god believed to maint...

Vishnu stele - the Hindu god believed to maintain cosmic order #annarbor (Photo credit: Tatiana12)

We all like a boost to our finances and Cosmic Ordering is a great way to ask the Universe for help with finances. The important thing to remember about Cosmic Ordering is that you have to offer the Universe something in return and you cant be greedy in what you ask for. Im often asked "Will Cosmic Ordering help me win the lottery?" The answer is no Cosmic Ordering will not help you win the lottery however it can help improve things.

What can you offer the Universe in return?  You can offer to be more caring towards others or you can offer to help out with a charity or You could offer to look in on an eldely neighbour that needs help or donate to a local hospital -There are loads of things you could offer the Universe.

There are various ways to do cosmic ordering but this is the way that Ive personally seen success with is :

Find a quiet space

Thank the Universe for all that you have in your life

Ask the Universe to help you with your finances but dont ask for large sums as the Universe will not oblige greed

In return for help offer the Universe something back

Thank Spirit and the Universe for Listening

Take a piece of paper or a cheque and write it out with your name on it and the amount you would like to receive and in RED pen write Paid accross the middle of it then put it in your purse and carry it about with you

There is no time limit on when spirit will oblige but I have heard of it being days or weeks but often its months and of course there are no guarantees that it will work for you but its worth a try.

Love and Light

Tracy x

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Friday, 10 July 2020
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